був добрий день.

I have great news.

I received my first package today it was from my wonderful girlfriend. It was amazing, everything was wrapped in wrapping paper and it was like opening Christmas presents. It looked like it was untouched by customs. I was sent books, candy, a DVD (The Tree of Life), a new tie, a CD that I’m excited to listen to, and knickknacks that only she and I would understand.
And….I am moving into a new place! My amazing counterpart has found me a one-bedroom house. The house is behind a drugstore and the owner of the drugstore lives in the house next to mine, in reality it’s not a house it’s more like a guesthouse. I saw it today; there is a beautiful kitchen (literally one of the nicest kitchens I’ve seen in Ukraine) and a huge bedroom with a queen size bed. And get this …. running hot water!!! Yes that’s right … I don’t think I have ever been this excited about running hot water. There is of course no bathroom, so bucket showers and running to the outhouse will still be a daily routine for me. But I could not be happier. I will post some pictures when I start to move in, which probably will not be for at least a week.

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2 Responses to був добрий день.

  1. Caprilli Family says:

    Sounds like you need some house warming gifts!!!!

  2. WIMAL says:

    Oh Boy! Atlast you can start testing your culinary skills Dinesh. Happy for you. Good Luck

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