Звичайно, я піду з тобою….


As most of you know I don’t have the most ideal living situation. I failed to mention this in the last post, but my kitchen is not in the same place as my house. My room and my living room are separated from my kitchen …in other words, my kitchen is next door. It’s not far but it’s enough to discourage me from cooking. I was really excited to cook here in Ukraine, as most of you know I enjoy cooking. But the fact that I have no running water and my kitchen is next door makes it very tough … BUT I love my place.

Anyway, one night last week I decided not to cook (I haven’t attempted to cook yet) so I went to one of the restaurants here in Rozhniv. I ordered a coffee and some pelmeni (it’s like pasta filled with meat) and sat down to wait for my meal. About 5 minutes went by and this man walked in from behind the counter …. clearly inebriated.  He sits down next to me and says, “you need some company” (in Ukrainian). I said no thank you, I’m fine. He then grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the backroom.  Now Peace Corps has provided us with outstanding safety training, so of course as he was pulling me to the backroom…. I followed like an obedient dog.

The owner of the restaurant is a nice lady and the whole time this was going on she was giggling so I assumed I was safe. The jolly man took me into the back and to my surprise there was a large table full of food and 5 Ukrainian men sitting, eating, and enjoying some Ukrainian горілка. I sat down with them and they flooded my plate with food and said EAT ! EAT ! ….

I spent the next 3 hours with 5 random Ukrainian men I will never forget. They drank enough to put a small elephant in the ER…(note to self: never try and keep up with Ukrainians when they drink). We talked about everything; from where I live in the U.S. to how I need to learn all the Ukrainian curse words so I know when my students are cursing at me. It was great.


The picture on top of the post is of the entrance to my Дача (cottage).

And for those of you that enjoy posting information about the NBA on Facebook (scores, results, etc.) please remember that there are some of us who do not get to watch the games live. Next time you get the urge … don’t.

Stay Tuned.

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2 Responses to Звичайно, я піду з тобою….

  1. vlcartwright says:

    ahahahaha I just died laughing at your comment about the safety trainings

  2. Rebekah Celaya says:

    So beautiful Dinesh! Miss you & wish you could be here right now, but at the same time I couldn’t be more proud to know you. You’ve got your head on, and you’re getting the most out of life. There are so many other things that matter out there.. The whole family sends love! We all love reading these posts and seeing your pictures!

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