Мені Сумно

The last few weeks have been tough – in terms of missing home and the workload. A couple weeks ago was Thanksgiving and I never wanted to be home more. Not just for the food, but for the atmosphere, friends, and family. It’s something that we take for granted; yet it is everything. Home is everything.
My time in Saltykova Devitsa is coming to an end and I’m starting to feel it wash over me. I’m going to miss being chased by geese and looked at like I came from Jupiter (the latter will probably continue outside Saltykova). Most of all I will miss Chocha Luba, she cared for me like a son during my time here and really made me feel at home. I of course will be saying goodbye to my cluster mates as well, who have kept me sane in so many different ways.
On a lighter note I got my site for the next two years. I will be close to the beautiful Carpathian Mountains (at the summit). The Oblast (like a State) is Ivano-Frankivska and the town/village is called Rozhniv. The population is between 5,000-10,000 which is a lot bigger than Saltykova. I was told by Peace Corps that the school is huge, it’s a specialty school. One of the Peace Corps staff members told me that the school “claims” to be one of the Top 100 schools in Ukraine. She emphasized “claims”……but it seems to be true on paper and I’m very excited.
As for my living situation; I have a choice. I can either live with a host family or have my own place, which is very close to the school. But I feel there’s a catch with the place close to the school. My Regional Manager (who is awesome by the way) didn’t know too much about the place I would have to myself, other than it was close to the school. Which makes me wonder if I will continue with an outhouse and well for the next two years. Anyway, we will see soon enough.

Here is the logistics for the next few days:

December 13th:
Depart Training Site (Saltykova Devitsa) at 7:30am via autobus …. Yes I said autobus.
Arrive at hotel/Soviet Resort in Kyiv for meetings all day.
December 14th:
Continue with meetings all day.
I believe I will be meeting my counterpart on this day. My counterpart is someone that works at the school, I will be working with her/him for the next two years and they will be taking me to my new home.
December 15th:
Swearing-in: This is where we are sworn-in as US Peace Corps Volunteers (we are currently Trainees), it should be very exciting and a video of each ceremony usually ends up on Youtube or Peace Corps’ website/FB page.
After swearing-in my counterpart will hold my hand all the way to site. We are taking a 9 hour train from Kyiv to Ivano-Frankivska, the capital city of my Oblast.
December 16th:
Arrive at Site.

I’m guessing my next post will be from site. If you scroll down you can see my post from before we departed to Saltykova – I was scared. I don’t feel the same now …which is good, but still quite nervous.

Stay Tuned and scan Peace Corps’ FB for a post on newly sworn-in PCVs from Ukraine around the 15th or 16th.

Another quote from Doug – our Country Director
“A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.

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One Response to Мені Сумно

  1. Mrs. Gopher says:

    Sounds like a roller coaster of emotions over the next few weeks. I am looking forward to seeing the video of you being sworn in!!! We are all proud of you. Missing you like crazy!
    P.S I work with a very young version of you, sometimes I actually call him Dinesh, yeah his name is Isaac oops
    Love the Caprilli Family

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