We are at the homestretch of training, it’s the beginning of Week 9 …I think? Let me give you an idea of what we are doing here.

First, our Community Project:

The schools in the district all teach out of similar English books. In the back of these English books are scripts. The Ukrainian English teachers read these scripts aloud during class. Our project is to record all these scripts from a ton of books and put them onto CDs, so the students can hear native English speakers.

Second, Methodological Workshop:
Along with the CD’s we are organizing a workshop for the English teachers in our district. We are showing them how to use the newly made CD’s along with the Communicative Approach to teaching a language (Wikipedia it, sorry).

Third, English Week:
We are in the process of planning an English week for the students at our school in Saltykova. It includes a day of Healthy Living, Do’s and Don’ts, and a day of Exercise. I may break out the P90X for the exercise day – 12-year-old Ukrainians doing Ab Ripper X – thanks Tony Horton!

Finally, Ukrainian Language Classes and Teaching continues:
Of course good old 4-hour Ukrainian Language classes continue (though it has been cut down to 3 hours this week). I’m getting more immersed into the culture and language – I find myself speaking Ukrainian in dreams and thinking in Ukrainian. Chocha Luba now calls me her Ukrainian Boy, it’s going be tough to leave her next month. I told her I will take her in my duffle bag to site … but again my Ukrainian isn’t the greatest. I think she thought I said, “Get in my duffle bag.”
Anywho, I have started teaching young learners – specifically 2nd and 4th grade. I love them, its really fun to teach them but tiring at the same time.

I had my Site-Placement Interview on Monday, Peace Corps came down to our village and interviewed us about what we would like to be doing at site. If you don’t understand what I mean…. I am in training right now, it ends in 1 month. After that I will be sent to another location in Ukraine where I will be by myself working in a school and doing my own thing.
Anyway, I will soon have a permanent mailing address and will probably post a wish list of stuff. First on my list, a washing machine….yes that was a joke. There are a ton of books that I want, but I’ll get into that later.

I’ll leave you with a quote that I heard from our Peace Corps Country Director, Doug Teschner:

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit”

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5 Responses to нічого…

  1. Dharini K says:

    This is a nice post, honey. The picture is gorgeous!

  2. WIMAL says:

    It looks a very comprehensive but an exhaustive training Dinesh
    Hopefully your placement would be to a more comfortable place but definitely will miss the luv , care and tasty food presently recd from Babusia !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jon caprilli says:

    Hello my friend! dude i havent heard from you in a while how you been ?? Sorry i couldnt make it to your going away party I was swamped with midterms. Now all I see is your profile with a bunch of COWS and back country haha. I miss your Sri Lankan voice around here!! A dooo haha. Anyway you only have about 1 more year out there right?? I promise to start writing more man!

    In case you wanted to know Santa Barbara is the shit. I have been doing good keeping my grades up and been living on the beach literally have a beach house man! It doesnt really help having sorority girls tanning all day next to me when I study or leave for class. Geez life is tough haha.

    So I just have a couple of questions
    have you been cow tipping yet??
    how are your students treating you out there??
    whats life like??
    Is there any bars??
    what do you do for fun??
    Anything crazy go on there??

    Kristin tells me that you have to take a shower in a bucket… sounds tough man I wish you the best and we cannot wait to see you bruh. When you get back we are going out and having a drink w/ each other.

    -Jon Caprilli

  4. George R. Brown, C.P.A. says:

    Dinesh… I’ll never forget, years ago, when your dog “got in the duffle bag with me.” LOL. So, you’re supposed to give them a native English voice. Get real. I’m starting to know more about you than Michael. Miss you.

  5. Kristin says:

    I can’t wait for that wish list!!! I wonder what postage will be like hahah you are worth it!

    Mrs. Gopher

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