Its been awhile …. sorry.

(This post was written on word a couple weeks ago)

Half way through training

So we’ve come to the end of Week 7 of the 12 Week Pre-Service Training. So much has happened in the last month and a half and I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog, I’ve been a bit busy.
Language has been getting tougher and tougher; at times I struggle to keep up. Each week we have to juggle lesson planning for our English classes, 4 hours of language a day, and a million other things. It seems overwhelming at times, but it helps the time pass.
A few weeks ago we (our cluster) were invited to an embroidering class at the school. I of course have no artistic bone in my body, but managed to embroider my way through the class. It was the one time during training we all got to sit together and talk about things other than Ukrainian, English Classes, and how much horseshit we step in everyday.
Last weekend (Halloween) I went to Kulakivka (neighboring town to Saltykova) to visit Chocha Luba’s daughters. Chocha Luba and I braved the frosty November morning and walked to the bus-stop at the crack of 8. As we stood there waiting for the bus, my fingers started to go numb. Of course Cocha Luba noticed this and told me to dance – I asked her to show me how (приклад). She then showed me the Babusia Dance, a.k.a. how to keep warm in Ukraine. We then got on the bus…when I say bus its not the bus you have pictured in your head (see my FB for a picture).
We got to her daughters house and sat for lunch. We had a roast goose …. It was delicious. Then they broke out the homemade wine…yes homemade wine. It was probably PROBABLY the best wine I have ever had. After the goose, potatoes, garlic bread, cabbage salad, mashed potatoes, and bread. They brought out the Vodka, I didn’t recognize it at first because it was brown, almost the color of Cognac. I had a few shots with the guys, it was the smoothest Vodka I have ever had. I got the biggest laugh since I’ve been here in Ukraine that evening. It wasn’t a joke I told … they were laughing at me not with me. Chocha Luba’s daughter asked me, “how many years are kids required to go to school in the U.S.” Well, my Ukrainian isn’t perfect, so I understood the question as “When does your LCF come back from rotation?” So, I said three weeks. I think that was the hardest I’ve ever seen Ukrainian’s laugh, so then I started laughing, but didn’t know why. Then they asked the question a bit slower and I understood what was so funny.
That is only one of the thousands of stories I have for the last month. But I have a short and strange story from today. I went to Kulakivka for a link session. There is another cluster of PCT’s in Kulakivka, we go there often for “teacher training.” One of the trainees there said that I’m famous at her house. I asked, why? Apparently her host family is good friends with Chocha Luba. And Chocha Luba has told them that she is very fond of me and when I leave her and go to my permanent site, she is going to bring me a pig.

Don’t bother reading that sentence over, I said pig.

Пока !

If there are any questions that you want to ask or if you want to say hello please email me.

My lovely girlfriend now has a blog, the link is below

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