The Internets?

Good news from Saltykova Devitsa, I went into the city yesterday and bought a little USB modem. It picks up the cell signal for internet, so I have the internet in my room! But, it is a like having 56k …. well 56k would actually be faster … it’s like having the most unreliable internet ever. BUT IT WORKS!

It is raining like hell here, so there is not much to do on this Sunday. I was planning on going into the city center (Saltykova Devitsa not the big city) and buying some stuff from the bazaar which they have every Sunday. My Babusia tells me that it will be snowing soon and that I need to get proper boots. I showed her my winter coat this morning and she laughed at me…. I havent figured out what that means yet.

It is a weird feeling to have the world at my fingertips, however slow it may be. It is nice, but at the same time takes away from the experience a little bit. I enjoy hearing from all of you so whenever you have time please send me emails, it cheers me up quite a bit.


Stay Tuned

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One Response to The Internets?

  1. Caprilli Family says:

    Sounds like you need a heavier coat! So you are on a farm huh? Hailey wants to know if you can ride horses and if you have tried to catch a chicken yet? It is fun reading about what you are doing. Things are the same here. Drew finally got the truck up and running (well Chris did), but he is out visiting Jon this weekend. Keep up the hard work. Try and take a few piz when you actually make it to the bazaar, it sounds cool. Love and miss you!!!
    The Caprilli Family

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