Last ESL Class

I taught my last ESL Class last week on Wednesday. It was sad to see my students for the last time after a year of teaching at La Casita in Pasadena, CA. They gave me a nice little card with a picture of the class inside.

I share the class with a sweet lady who explained to the school that I was leaving to the Peace Corps before we passed out their participation certificates. She asked me to point out Ukraine on the globe so that they could see where about I would be. I grabbed the globe and began to point out Ukraine ….. wait where is it? I took another look around the Eastern Europe area … where the hell is Ukraine? I finally realized that the globe was really old and still had the USSR over most of Eastern Europe.

Since my last post – nothing much has happened. I’m still waiting for more information from Peace Corps (I dont think I will be receiving anything until late July or early August – Staging Material). But I have made an appointment this week to see the dentist, not for the wisdom teeth but for a cavity..eek.

Sorry for the long delay between posts …. to the 2 people that may read this. =)

Stay Tuned.

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