In the Clear…Sort of.

Okay… I think I’ve gotten most of the paperwork done from the invitation kit. There was passport forms, passport pictures, aspiration statements, more résumés, good ole visa forms, and a press release to finish. I’m probably making a bigger deal out of the paperwork than I need to, but I’m in a complaining mood. My next task .. waiting to see if I filled everything out properly.

I’ve started some language training and I’ve come to the conclusion that Russian and Ukrainian is freaking difficult. I think I’ll have a hell of a time during training. I did get some good advice while talking to a RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) though, she told me “Don’t worry about the language now, enjoy the time with your friends and family – you’ll have plenty of training when you get there.” So I think I’m going to ease up on that a bit.

If anyone is wondering what happens after I depart – I’ll list it below.

September 19th Departure

  1. Staging – I believe I will be sent to D.C. for this. This is where you meet others that will be joining you in Ukraine and go through an orientation and vaccinations before you fly out.
  2. PST (Pre-Service Training) – PST lasts three months, during PST you learn the language, cultural norms etc, and technical training (teaching methods, etc.). During PST you live with a Ukrainian family. I’m not allowed to have visitors or take a vacation during training.
  3. Swearing in – After the three months, if the Peace Corps believes you are capable, you are sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer.
  4. Assignment (TEFL Secondary School Teacher)- After swearing in you are sent to a site somewhere in Ukraine where you will be working and living for two years. Some people live in dormitories, some in apartments, and it is also possible that you will be living with a host family for those two years. For the first three months and last three months of my assignment I am not allowed to take a vacation.

Stay Tuned.

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One Response to In the Clear…Sort of.

  1. Hi, I have also been invited to Ukraine. (Group 42 (TEFL)).
    I just got my packet, so I am not quite as far along as you but yay another volunteer!

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