Wisdom Teeth

So the Peace Corps has asked me to take out all four of my wisdom teeth before I leave. I went for a consultation and they didn’t make me feel any better about getting them removed…

Apparently they no longer knock you out…yeah, I’m going to be awake. I wouldn’t mind getting this done as long as I was out cold for the WHOLE thing. They numb your mouth and attach an IV …. I think I’m more scared of the IV than actually getting my wisdom teeth removed. I think I may get them out towards the end of July …. im trying to keep it at bay for as long as possible.

Anywhoo I got the reply from my acceptance today, I’m eagerly awaiting the language information to get started. From what I understand they (PC) will be sending me some study material for either Ukrainian or Russian. I’ve realized that Peace Corps loves paperwork … I mean really loves paperwork. I started filling out the mountain of paperwork ahead of me today, so far it’s visa and passport stuff ….but there’s more where that came from.

Stay Tuned.

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