It Has Begun.


I was going to start this blog one year ago – when I started preparing my application for Peace Corps. I decided not to because of the obvious possibility of not getting in and thus, having a very short-lived blog. It has been a long nine months but after two blood tests, a number of injections, getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled (to be done in August .. eek), I’ve been invited to serve with Group 42 in Ukraine as a secondary school English teacher (TEFL). Now comes the mountain of paperwork (it is literally a mountain) to finish before departure.

I don’t know where this blog will go, how faithful I will be to it, or if anyone will read it..but I appreciate you taking the time to read my first post.

Stay tuned as I am just getting the hang of this

I’ll leave you with a video…

Video via Cody’s Peace Corps Blog

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One Response to It Has Begun.

  1. WIMAL says:

    Congrats Dinesh, You havee achieved what you wanted.2 years will go by pretty fast
    You will come back with sooooooo much of life experience.Good Luck.Will be tuned in always

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